Door/Window Sensor

This WiFi smart door sensor detects the opening and closing of doors or windows and communicates this information over a WiFi network a connected smartphone app.
Sekyo WiFi door sensor is a convenient and effective solution for enhancing home security, providing users with increased awareness and control over their property's access points.
When door/window is opened or closed, the sensor will push instant alarm notification to your smartphone. You can also schedule timing for alarm enable/disable.. ie from 10:00pm to 6:00am etc.
Use on door, window, locker, drawer or anywhere you want to be notified when it is opened or closed.
Door sensors directly monitor access points, making them less susceptible to tampering or evasion compared to CCTV cameras. While CCTV cameras can be obscured, disabled, or avoided by intruders wearing masks or disguises, door sensors are typically concealed and difficult to bypass without triggering an alarm.